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Get Ready for the New Wave of Vibrators

Smartphone VibratorSensual, invigorating, sublime, a deluxe vibrator can send you into unparalleled heights of ecstasy. In the right hands it can tease and cajole a person to the perfect orgasm, keep them on tender hooks in a night of unbridled passion or send them into uncontrollable waves of sheer joy.

If your appetite hasn’t been whetted enough yet, then how about this:

  • What if your partner could control your vibrator remotely?
  • How about synching your vibrator to the sound of music?
  • What if you could use your new vibrator while relaxing in a hot bath surrounded by beautiful candles?

All this and so much more comes with the New Wave Vibrator, one of the technically smart devices for sexual pleasure on the market today. Beautifully designed in medical grade silicon, it has water grade modelling, which means you can even use it in the swimming pool.

The New Wave of Vibrators is everything a girl needs to explore untold heights of pleasure.

But here’s the really cool thing:

The New Wave of Vibrators links up with a brilliant mobile app that allows you to change vibration speeds and patterns at the simple touch of a button. Let’s say your partner has gone away on business for the weekend but you still want some sexy fun. You can hand over the operation to them remotely which means they can tease you to orgasm wherever they are in the world.

Embedded in this velvet device is a whole range of high tech that allows you to operate at 12 different frequencies and 10 different vibration modes. You can choose to adjust the vibration level on your mobile from level 1 through to 100 just when you need it. You can even match the vibration to video and music, or define your own vibration segments and simply sit back and enjoy.

The New Wave of Vibrators links to your phones (Using Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi) physical dynamics which means simply shaking your mobile will cause a reaction on the device. There are plenty of set vibration modes to choose from too, including:

  • Kick back
  • Vibe and Pulse
  • Roller Coaster
  • Power Buzz

The perfect curve of the New Wave is ergonomically designed to caress your most intimate area to give you the best sensory experience ever. It has a soft heating film so that you can safely raise the temperature as you begin to feel the effects of the gentle vibrations. And you don’t have to worry about the battery running out halfway through your most pleasurable experiences because the lithium ion battery is built to bring power and sustainability. And when the juice does run low you can charge it up in no time at all.

The New Wave vibrator is where state of the art tech meets the sensual pleasures of the flesh. If you’re in the mood for something erotically charged either on your own or with a caring partner, then this product has everything you need. Long lasting battery life, a great velvety feel, as soon as you get the New Wave out of its deluxe box you can certainly feel the quality.

Built to last and provide hours of wanton pleasure, there are so many possibilities to explore with the New Wave, something that has made it the number one erotic toy in the world in just a short space of time.